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FTW playing at the Whistler Film Festival

The Whistler Film festival line-up has been released and FTW is being screened twice!
Once on Dec. 2 at 7:00 pm and then on Dec. 4th at 1:00 pm.
Naturally, Tyler (the Director), and I will be heading up to the festival. We’ll be staying at the Fairmont there for a couple nights. So I’m looking forward to checking out some new films and meeting industry people.

Visit the festival site here:


Bloodshots 2011

This year we reentered into the Bloodshots 48-hour film fest, and after 48 action-packed hours of film making frenzy. I’ve finally uploaded the video onto YouTube.
So here is our short film: “Just One More”

We had a great cast and crew. Everything went by smoothly for the most part. No major meltdowns.

FTW is in Festivals!

Hey guys, just wanted to tell everyone and anyone that the short film I did cinematography and editing on earlier in the year has made it into several film festivals. The film is “FTW” directed by Tyler Funk and written by David Jol. It’s screening at the Calgary International Film Festival, Edmonton International Film Festival and at Young Cut Film Festival in Montreal! I wish I had a trailer to post!

Short Film is Done!

Finished editing ‘Out of Order’ the short film I did editing and cinematography for. The film will be playing at UBC’s film festival POV

Bit of a shit show at the end of the year. I got into some issues with the festival committee for not pulling my weight on helping organize the festival. Basically I didn’t  help out cause I was doing the editing and special effects for the short and pretty much neglected everything else.

Anyway, here’s a short vid showcasing some of the special effects we did. I had Mackenzie Sheppard helping me out as well. He did a great job.